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4 March, Flask Inn, led by Gary Malcolm

gpx file        12 walkers    7.4  miles                total ascent 1029ft

Back marker: A Walker

Pics by Peter Bettanyand Rachel Carlin.  Mapping data supplied by Keith Woodley.

Always stay in touch with the person in front, and the person behind



Pics below by Peter Bettany





Pics below by Rachel Carlin



PRE-WALK INFO: (If supplied) Walk leader's description of start point/general information about route.
From  the walk leader
Hi Members
The arctic weather conditions of the next day or two should improve by the weekend and at present Sunday is forecast to be light cloud, with temperatures rising to a heady 38 degrees with moderate wind speeds of about 13 to 14mph so unless the forecast changes markedly the walk will go ahead ( we must get our weekly exercise!) . The starting point is the old road just behind the Flask Inn on the A171 Whitby Road about 7 miles north of Cloughton ( plenty of parking ) . The walk is down as 10 miles but it will be a mile or so shorter to compensate for the expected wet conditions underfoot and in fact there is the option to cut the walk down further to a manageable 7  miles or so for those who desire a shorter walk.
If the weather does get worse as we approach the weekend, please telephone me on 01723 863094 or text on 07835 458755.



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